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Project Description
This is an ASP.Net MVC 5 demonstration web site intended to illustrate delegation with the Azure API Manager so that you can add functionality like billing.

The Azure API Manager is a relatively new product on Microsoft Azure that performs some of the tasks required to make services available to developers and end users.

It contains three elements, a management portal, a proxy server that controls access to your web services and a developer portal, intended to be used by customers who want to use your services.

The API Manager is initially targeted at what I'd call "anonymous" services - services where the identity of the caller does not affect the response. It also is targeted at free services, in that out of the box it does not provide specific hooks for billing.

Many users will want to be able to offer "non-anonymous" services, i.e. services where the identity of the customer affects what is made available, and will want to charge for these services.

In order to do this with API Manager, you need to supply the functionality yourself, so the key requirement is to be able to integrate your backend and the API manager developer platform.

API Manager supplies a delegation facility that permits single sign on to both your site and the developer portal, and that permits you to intervene in a developer subscription to one of your services so as to route the customer to a payment provider, or in some other way validate or filter them.

This project contains a simple ASP.Net MVC 5 web site, intended to be hosted on Azure, that illustrates this process.

Once you've set it up and connected it to your API Manager account, you will be able to

  • sign users up on your web site,
  • sign them in to both sites,
  • subscribe them to a basic set of subscriptions on registration
  • respond to subscription requests on your web site passed from the developer portal.
  • respond to unsubscribe requests

This is just an example that we generated at Concept Strings in order to evaluate the process.
You should use it as a guide to create your own solution.

It makes use of the API Manager REST API, which is currently in preview and may change.

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